• I have some awesome indie suggestions 😀

    The artist/writer Terry Moore is an all time favorite of mine. I can suggest starting with Strangers in Paradise it’s amazing, I’ve read it numerous times and still when I’m feeling sick or down about the world I go back and read that series. It’s hard to explain so I think checking out his website is key. (AbstractStudioComics.com
    ) Also by Moore is his latest Rachel Rising, if you like witch stories on the creepy side-highly recommend it. If you want something more funny/quirky more slice of life -Julie Wertz’s Drinking at the Movies is great.( juliawertz.com
    ) One last one I just recently backed a kickstarter called Power and Magic The Queer Witch Comics Anthology by Joamette Gil when/if they have that out in stores have a read, I just got the pdf document of it and it’s so good. Can’t wait to see the hard cover edition. (powerandmagicpress.com

    I’m a huge indie comics nerd as you may have noticed 😛

    So if you ever need any recs just let me know, love introducing people to new work.