• Great post! When I first stepped into a comic book shop, I felt out of place and awkward so quickly left. I didn’t venture back until I went back with a friend who was more comic savvy than me. All I really wanted was Fables (the first comic apart from Tintin that I got into). Fables opened my eyes to the amazing world, couldn’t get enough of them. I read a bit of Marvel here and there, mainly X-Men and if a particular story takes my fancy, but I have to say, I’m still in the Fables world.

  • Meghan Sullivan

    I couldn’t agree with your post more! I only got into comics a few years ago myself (and I write about them for GeekGirlPenPals.com). I think it’s important to explore but not feel marginalized if you don’t care for something and if you don’t care for something, don’t worry so much about learning every little detail. I’m still amazed at the amount of detail some people carry with them about the most obscure characters. I’ve found knowing a lot about a few helps open the conversations and help you find common ground and then open eyes to more.

    Welcome to comics. Good luck with your back log. And embrace what you know before worrying about what you don’! (PS I’m huge proponent of Sandman and Hellblazer…in case you wondered. And I’m also more of a DC girl!)

  • I initially avoided superheroes for a long time. How could I relate to this (seemingly) boys club world filled with grotesque representations of my gender? Well, then a friend had me read Simone’s Bird of Prey, and my love of Babs was born. I haven’t read anything in the past couple months due to big life changes — but I’m definitely happy I gave it a chance. I find I like supe stories that have more than just fighting. It’s part of the reason I am in love with the new Ms. Marvel. And over these last couple years I’ve slowly growing into myself and not letting the opinions of some decide whether I can be a part of their fandom. 🙂

    Also, I totally thought I was going to be a through and through DC girl… but I was surprised when I put together my monthly review that a lot of it was from places like Boom or Darkhorse.

  • B.

    I didn’t start really reading comics until after Avengers came out and I got hooked on Hawkeye. That turned out to be perfect timing because then the Matt Fraction book came out and it was everything I wanted and needed. From there I started to branch out and now I read not only other Marvel books, but Image and Boom as well!

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