• Desiree

    I enjoyed this piece a lot. While yeah there have been advances in female portrayals on the big screen and tv we still have a ways to go.

  • shelby

    I don’t understand the writer at WaPo’s stance. Isn’t a “strong” character also a “complicated” one? To me, a “strong” character, male or female, is someone who is dynamic and complicated, who has an internal monologue that finds itself at odds with certain situations and circumstances. I guess it’s just a revolutionary idea that female characters aren’t there to fade into the background. I like your comment on hijacking brands!

  • For me the moral strength of any character, male or female, comes from their ability to reveal their imperfections, and expose their vulnerability. And yes, that’s pretty damn complicated. The need to perpetuate a myth of perfection is what traps us all.

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